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Name:           Andy Thomson
Occupation: Freelance computer coder

My education has been secondary school and both Further and Higher Education Colleges. I came away with four O'levels, six CSEs, an OND in Computer Studies as well as a HNC and HND in the same subject. By then I already knew three high level computer languages and some assembler.

I have now finished my BSc(Hons) degree with the Open University. I have been working at Great Marlow School as IT Technician since 1997, I find that the job is interesting and varied. It is there I introduced Internet access to both staff and students long before county offered these services.

A computer magazine on disk was dreamed up by a sixth form student, Kyle Lamb, at the School where I work it was originally several linked word documents. The idea of using Word and limiting the potential audience to PC users was soon dropped in favour of HTML, that's where I came in. I helped design the original site and provided the joke content for the first few years of the project.

What it needed we decided (now two strong team of Kyle & I, although I am no longer directly involved in the production of NERDS> was a new medium to expand the potential market and so make more sales, was to have a home on the Internet. The magazine was just as good back then except that it was not laid out as well and it did not enjoy support from professional writers, consequentially it was deemed to be a failure. Now what you can see at the NERDS> site which represents the fruits of that decision.

During 2010 a new ICT Manager was employed. He soon made his thoughts about me clear and in July 2013 when he fabricated allegations against me. These were not investigated properly, the management and governors simply seemed to pay lip service to the procedures that they themselves had written. In December I was wrongfully dismissed without proper procedure or being able to put my case. Since then the IT service within the school has suffered in both quality and competence. Not the way I expected to be treated after my long service helping the school build up its IT infrastructure.

Before I left the new ICT manager put forward the idea with the support of management of extending the School CCTV system into the pupil toilets, I objected most strongly as to me this is just wrong on so many levels – does he want to catch the pupils with their ‘pants down’ so to speak? Now that I have been forced out I fear there is one less obstacle to his voyeuristic tendencies. It would not surprise me if he had now put CCTV in the pupil changing rooms.

Yes, I am free of the tyranny of management and the so called governors.

In my opinion the environment where most of management and governors have narcissistic tendencies and are duplicitous in their actions is not a good place to shape young minds.


I am looking for my next big adventure. I am teaching myself Android coding and hope to release an App or two in the near future. I have five apps in the google play store, they can be seen here.

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